Laws of Weight Loss - An interactive MedCom show by Dr. Pal

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The YouTube and Instagram fame, Dr. Pal is coming to San Antonio!!

Our favorite doctor, our doctor next door Dr. Pal is coming to your town with the first of its kind medcom show “Laws of Weight-loss” to educate you and entertain you. He humor-coats the message because sugar-coating is bad for your health. Doesn’t matter where your house is, Dr. Pal is now a household name with his millions of followers across social media platforms. You’ve all heard of the adage “apple a day keeps the doctor away” - here’s our doctor asking you to keep your Apple(iPhone) away to keep doctors away. Come and listen to his laughter filled account of how you can have fun with fasting. Laughter is the best medicine they say - here’s our man with laughter and medicine. Come and watch him perform live to get your dose of laughter for your health!